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Mental Health: We are Better Together

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

How to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem

🟪Poor mental health is now the no 1 reason we miss work, this is across all sectors, hierarchy and role types.

🟪It is no surprise that organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated, and focused.

🟪How can employers support better mental health at work >> >> >> all the C’s!

① CULTURE >> Organisations need to send a clear message to staff that mental health matters and being open will lead to support.

② CONVERSATION >> No specialist skills are needed to have a meaningful conversation, just be open, empathetic and most of all, listen to understand.

③ CARE >> This one needs no explanation. Humans know when other humans genuinely care about them and their wellbeing. Be kind.

④ COOPERATION >> Now you have started to talk, and the individual has opened up, the priority is to develop positive steps to address any areas where they may be struggling at work. Be positive, work together.

⑤ CLEAR POLICIES AND SUPPORT MECHANISMS >> Whilst employers have legal obligations, support needn’t feel obligatory or extreme. It helps for individuals to feel understood, supported in small ways and empowered and trusted to do their job. Adjustments and support are wide ranging from flexible working patterns to extra help managing day to day workload.

Most of these C's land with the line manager who understandably, can feel out of their depth, but there is no excuse for this, there are so many free resources out there to help organisations and managers feel able to have these conversations. Do you agree with these C's? Do you have more? Let's get talking.

➡️This is a huge passion area of mine, if you want to discuss how you can open these conversations and support your staff (or yourself) with better mental health, get in touch.

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