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I’m Laura Johnson, founder of Open HR, and Chartered HR professional with almost two decades of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, working both nationally and internationally. My background spans all areas of people management and the employee lifecycle including Reward; Pay Benchmarking and Job Evaluation; Employee Relations; Resourcing/Recruitment, Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Performance/Talent Management and Wellbeing.


I centre social causes at the core of my work, my portfolio includes organisations such as Oxfam International and the NHS where I have delivered pragmatic and solutions-oriented support. Recent clients range from large INGO’s to small UK based Not-for-Profit organisations. Whatever your challenge, however complex or sensitive, I aim to support you and your mission through compassionate HR. So as of now, I am OPEN. 

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We really want to support  your mission through compassionate HR. In a world that can seem so harsh and especially now with lives affected in so many ways post the pandemic, what we really need is to care for our people and be human-centred, especially when it comes to solving challenges.

Open HR is a network based consultancy, working with other experts with great energy, we ensure we partner with colleagues within your organisation, sharing our expertise and knowledge so that when we leave you, you are confident that you can continue to run the solutions without us.


The serious stuff: I'm Laura, Founder of Open HR. I'm a Chartered HR professional with over 19 years experience across sectors, working both nationally and internationally. I've spent a good chunk of that time with Oxfam (11 years) working across the whole spectrum of HR, from the extremely complex stuff to the more simplistic and transactional. Recent consultancy clients range from large INGOs such as SOS Children’s Villages International, Tearfund, and War Child to small(er) international and UK-based Not-for-Profit organisations such as ActionAid Ireland and Elton John Aids Foundation.


Strong ethics, professionalism and providing high-quality HR expertise have fuelled my drive to help organisations fulfil their mission through connected, energised and driven people. 

“Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.” 

— Isabelle Lafleche

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...mental health and wellbeing. I am extremely passionate about this area and speak through my own lived experience, and through the eyes of those close to me. At some point in our lives we may be susceptible to vulnerable moments, my experiences have shaped who I am today and how I look to serve and support people in both my work and my personal life.

I am always looking for ways in which I can make a difference and fight for better mental health for all.

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This is why I am also a very proud Trustee of Oxfordshire Mind. I have long been a passionate advocate and follower of their work. To me, they represent a beacon of hope, where their mission is critical and very clear - everyone experiencing a mental health problem must get the support and respect they deserveNo one to be left behind!

We believe in good vibes and doing things in a way that is ethical, compliant, trustworthy and creative! HR doesn't have to be boring or dry. When we meet we hope you'll get a sense of that too! 

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