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From ad hoc special projects to retainer arrangements, OPEN HR is proud to be working with a variety of amazing organisations in our capacity as consultants, business partners and associates.


I come with a bag of expertise, knowledge and professionalism. While I'm mostly a one-woman unit, behind this efficient little set-up is a formidable network I've gathered along the way: Freelancers, consultants, providers, change-makers and other HR professionals.


Together, in our marketplace and knowledge space, we tap into each other's strengths and use our collective expertise to solve issues that we alone may not be able to, so if you hear me say "we" it's because I have an amazing network of collaborators and colleagues with us. #futureofwork

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Hello.  I’m Lucy Maxwell Scott, a Reward specialist and OD and HR consultant, with 30 years of independent consultancy experience primarily in the charity and not-for-profit sectors.


My background includes designing job evaluation systems and global reward strategies and frameworks, managing organisational development projects, performance management frameworks, and leadership and team coach-mentoring.  


My practice is driven by the desire to find the right creative solution for the client and a particular focus on ensuring internal capacity building, and that diversity, equality, and inclusion are bedded into the way projects are designed and delivered.

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Hello, I’m Lisa Bragg, a professional HR Specialist, operating as an independent consultant. As a Chartered CIPD HR professional, I have over 25 years of working in the private, public (education), and not-for-profit sectors.


Operating internationally, I have a generalist HR background, with a passion for the legal side of HR, offering support to organisations in delivering operational and strategic business goals.


More recently, I have supported organisations in managing change, providing employee relations solutions, and designing, adapting, and maintaining effective HR policies and procedures.

We don't mind the rumble.

There is no issue we haven't come across and nothing puts us off. That said, there's nothing worse than the nagging feeling that you don't know what you don't know. We can alleviate that pressure of being worried that mistakes might get made or that something is missing. Leading people is a huge responsibility, so we can guide on how ALL staff can feel supported, felt, heard and respected.

Whatever the situation, we are happy to walk you through.

In totally safe settings, of course.





No need to worry! This is one of the thing we get called upon the most: The sensitive, sticky issues that keep you up at night. No-one needs that. After all, you need to focus on your mission and keep your environments in harmony where you can. Also, we've been there, navigating situations for organisations we love and adore but which, dare we say it, can sometimes be massively complex and bureaucratic. Sound familiar?

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